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    Key Features of Custom Cardboard Boxes with Handles


    Cardboard is the most favorable option for retail packaging. Brands prefer it due to its sturdiness and affordable nature. However, custom cardboard boxes with handles are perfect for creating handy and easy-to-use packaging. These boxes are highly demandable in the packaging world due to their functionality. They are flexible and adaptable to innumerable packaging designs. You can use them to store small gift items for large retail products. This blog will discuss the wonderful features of custom cardboard carrying cases with handles. Continue reading this blog to become familiar with the effectiveness of boxes with handles.

    Unbeatable Personalized Solutions for Cardboard Boxes with Handles

    At first, cardboard boxes with handles are greatly customizable. Cardboard paper is highly flexible. So, it is easily adaptable to unlimited personalized options. Following the products ‘ needs, you can modify the box into any custom size, shape, and form. Cardboard suitcase boxes with handles are in demand due to their versatility. They are used to store a plethora of industrial items. Besides it, you can turn the box into a pillow or gable shape. Gable shape boxes are good to store food items. Moreover, you can also customize the handles in any interesting design and shape to create engaging packaging.

    Boxes with Handles Cardboard: Eco-Friendly Alternative

    Cardboard boxes with handles are the finest option for climate-friendly packaging. Cardboard paper is prepared with non-toxic chemicals and does not contain any kind of harmful substances like plastic. It is 100% recyclable, and you can reuse it. Moreover, you can opt for corrugated cardboard paper to produce a mailer box. Like cardboard paper, corrugated paper is also biodegradable.

    Corrugated Cardboard Boxes with Handles Suitable for Safe Shipment:

    Are you transporting the heavy-weight items and the required sturdiest box for mailing purposes? You must always prioritize cardboard corrugated boxes with handles. It becomes a very hard task to carry the products without handles. The products’ packaging with handles for cardboard boxes makes it convenient to load and unload. Thus, the products stay protected and organized too. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard boxes are resistant to scratches and can withstand traveling traumas effectively.

    Give an Easy Buying Experience to Buyers with Cardboard Box Handles:

    Buyers always look for feasibility. Creativity and comfort always go hand in hand. And custom cardboard boxes with handles are the best example of it. They are not only easy to use but look very unique in appearance. So, the clients become satisfied when they experience convenience along with style. On the one hand, the products stay protected and unbroken inside the box. Secondly, the buyers can easily move and carry the products with the help of strong handles.

    Cardboard Suitcase Box Handle with Logo: Suitable for Brand’s Marketing:

    Custom-printed cardboard boxes with handles are flexible. They are accustomed to a lot of personalized options. They provide enough space for customization. Labeling the logo image on the box gives an outstanding look to a cardboard carrying case with handles. The box’s design with the brand’s trademark and promotional tag lines helps to outstand it among the competitors.  Subsequently,  the brand’s status is elevated and sales improved.

    Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

    Our company ranks among the top-listed packaging suppliers in the USA. Owing to our exceptional services, we have triumphed not only in the United States but all across the globe. Our custom-made boxes have always been able to get the appreciation and attention of clients. We customize all kinds of boxes to store various types of industrial products. We are experts in creating high-end custom boxes with handles using premium materials and top-rate finishings. Please place your order to benefit from our extraordinary services.

      • Free shipment to the doorsteps
      • No plates and die-cut charges
      • Free-of-cost design mock-ups
      • Affordable prices
      • Quickest turnaround
      • Top-notch services
      • Customer support 24 hours
      • Technical assistance
      • Reliable payment methods


    Do you design large-size cardboard boxes with handles?

    Customization is an unending process. Following the client’s demands, we can customize the package to any size, layout, and shape.

    Do you only use cardboard paper for boxes with handles?

    No. Besides cardboard, we make use of various kinds of substrates. Kraft, cardboard corrugated, and rigid come in the top-rate materials options.

    What is your delivery time for cardboard suitcase boxes with handles?

    We take 14 to 17 days to print and dispatch the order in our standard delivery time. However, completing an order in a rush takes 7 to 12 business days.

     Can I request a preferable quote?

    Of course, you can. We offer a free, instant quote facility following the client’s specifications quickly.

    Melvin Davis
    Melvin Davis
    Melvin Davis is a Packaging Expert.. He is Master in Printing and arts designing. All the Printing and Packaging research is conducted under his supervision. He is also packaging journalist and contributes in all packaging magazines designing and represents TCB in summits.

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