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    What Is the Facebook Timeline And How Do I Find It?


    In this era of social media apps Facebook has gained immense popularity among millions of internet users and creating an account on Facebook is the best way to stay connected with your friends and families.  Tons of People are creating an account on Facebook and uploading their posts and stories every day. Once your profile is created you need to manage your timeline.

    But newbies may be pretty confused about Facebook’s timeline and how it can be managed.

    Actually, a Facebook timeline is called various different names like Facebook Feed, Wall, and just your profile.

    Are you excited to know about my Facebook timeline and how I got to my facebook timeline?

    In the given post we will tell you all about it.  Keep Reading it.

    What is Facebook Timeline 

    Today billions of users are active on Facebook and keep themselves engaged by watching posts, reels, video clips, or whatever to get entertained with it. Giving tough competition to its rivals Facebook has a huge fan base and growing its audience and popularity every day.

    Launching new features every day Facebook has its Timeline that has existed since 2011.  It is the combined form of a user profile and the wall where users can share their posts or reels to make others engaged.

    It contains public information, your profile picture, your location, education, friends, and much more that is displayed on your Facebook Profile page.

    Actually, at the time when you are creating your Facebook account you find a timeline on facebook, where you can add posts or live events and view other’s posts in chronological order.

    How to Find Facebook Timeline 

    Finding your Facebook timeline is not rocket science. For the users who are wondering how do i get to my facebook timeline, here are the steps

    • Begin with opening your Facebook App.
    • Log in on it to see your Facebook timeline.
    • Now click on your Profile picture located above the “News Feed”.
    • You will be on your Facebook timeline commonly known as the Profile page

    Now you are on your timeline and can view all the details that you have entered at the time of creating your account. You can find your recent as well as old posts on it.

    How to Find Facebook Old Posts

    • Open your Facebook app
    • Now click on the “Three dotted lines” and tap “Add to the story” to find “Search Profile”.
    • Now search the post with the keywords that you are looking for.
    • Finally, hit enter
    • Here you can filter results accordingly by clicking on the “Filter”
    • You will find the “Most Recent” “Date Posted”, and “Tagged Location” or “Posts you have seen”

    You can select what you want to view from the above-given options.

    Another way to find Facebook Old Posts

    • To refine your search, you can say Facebook “Search For Posts” and type “posts by me”, it will display the posts published by you leaving the videos or reels.
    • Name the Author whom you are looking for and Facebook will show only the posts created by the author.
    • You can search posts by typing “Birthday” and you will get all birthday-related posts that you have shared.

    To dive into it you must visit the site once.

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